Will there be bathrooms/showers?

Port-o-potties will be available. Showers will not be provided.

Can we have campfires?

Yes! Where the campsite will be.

Can we bring grills?


Can I bring my dog/cat/frog?

Pets are not allowed. Service animals are an exception.

Oh, lookit the pretty pony!

Yes, majestic isn’t he? Don’t touch.

Oo, pigs and cows and chickens!

Yes indeed. Remarkable creatures that should be left alone. Look with your eyes and not your hands.

I don’t like camping, where is the nearest hotel?

Google “hotels near 150 martin road, fremont nh.” AirBnB might be a good option, too.

Help, NH is foreign to me, how do I get to the site?

Just use the venue address. If you’re coming from North Road the entrance is after the big farm house (#152) on the left.

Do I have to pay to park?


I need to borrow camp gear.

Ask your club leadership for help. Ask them to ask us if they need help.

Will there be potable water?

We will have some sort of bubbler-equivalent. You should bring a water bottle and your club should plan to bring extra water.

Are spectators allowed? Can they camp?

Day-trip-spectators are welcome to attend the event for free. 

Non-fencer-campers are welcome and pay half-price. Ask us for details.

What about rain?

We will do our best to hold as much of the event as possible. Be prepared to shelter under the big-event-tents for periods of time.

I’ve never camped before, what should I bring?

Here’s a short checklist:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bug spray/sunscreen
  • Food
  • Water/hydration
  • Spare clothes

I’m a beginner/don’t know what HEMA is, is there anything for me to do?

Absolutely!! Our local clubs’ leadership will be present and happy to answer questions and likely also offer 1:1 lessons to show you the ropes. Note if you’re swinging a sword around in classes or free sparring you must pay the registration fee.

And a note from our Archery Master, Marcus Bowyer

Hello to All!

If you are returning to IGX after last year’s awesome event I look forward to seeing you again. If you are going to be new to the event this year, then I look forward to meeting you. My name is Marcus Bowyer, and I will be running the Archery, Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing part of the event. 

Last year was the first year of running these areas/classes at IGX and, as far as I am told, they are not common at most HEMA events so I felt I would reach out and tell you what you will be available and what equipment you can bring if you wish.

This year we will have targets for standard shooting for the majority of the event and we will be introducing 2 new events, a clout shoot (long distance), and something called an advancing enemy shoot. These two events will be run periodically to ensure safety for the participants. 

I will have a limited number of bows, arrows, and protective gear to lend and teach with. If you have your own traditional equipment (no compound bows please) and you are willing to bring it I would appreciate it. You are not being asked to lend it out, but if you have your own equipment to shoot it will allow others to shoot more often and decrease time waiting for equipment. If you have equipment and just want to know more about it, bring it and I we can discuss it.

Archery Equipment

If you are interested in purchasing some basic equipment before the event, I have included links below to some items that I recommend and will get you into shooting without purchasing needless equipment or buying the wrong materials. 

Bow The Ming Emperor bow is a solid bow that can be shot left or right handed, is generally period (eastern) in appearance, durable, and can be shot using Western (Mediterranean) or Eastern (Thumb draw) I highly recommend the bow below.

If you are unsure about draw weight 30 to 35 lb is a good place to start for most people. If you are a strong person, you might consider 40 to 45 lb draw weight. (Feel free to email me with questions – See Below). 

*If you want a longbow we should talk in detail about your options. 

Hand Protection – For bow hand protection, the Nomad Warrior glove is a decent glove; it does the job. But I much prefer the Hawkwood bow glove. It is very durable.

To protect your fingers on the string I will have several basic tabs that can be used for Mediterranean shooting, and I will have a few styles of thumb protection for eastern styles of shooting. I do not recommend purchasing one of these until you have tried the technique and know that this is the direction you want to go. If you have one and want to know how to use it, bring it along!

For arm protection, any basic arm guard will do.I will have basic guards to use, but if you want your own these are decent options. Easton Comfort Flex Arm Guard is very affordable and durable equipment. The Pulse 4 Strap Archery Armguard is good for people who have a habit of hitting high upon the arm near the elbow, or people who wear loose fitting sleeves.

Arrows Arrows are the most important part of your gear by a long shot. There is nothing more frustrating than shooting cheap arrows, and nothing more likely to make you want to give up archery. For this event wood, or carbon arrows are fine. If you want to shoot with the SCA woods are required.

The discussion of arrow physics and how it relates to what you should purchase is a long one and beyond the scope of this little letter. When buying wood arrows make sure they are as closely matched to each other as possible and preferably close to the draw weight of your bow and we can discuss things in greater depth at the event. 

*If you are purchasing carbon shafts, email me and I will help you make a choice.

Knives, Axes, & Tomahawks oh my!

I will have knives and steel axes to throw and would be happy to give lessons for basic throwing techniques. I am not a master here, but I have enough background to help. Feel free to bring your equipment along if you have any.

Knives I recommend the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport BLACK, currently the cheapest on Amazon. This is a nearly indestructible thrower that is legal for competitions. 

Axes / Hatchets – I currently don’t have a recommendation for these. I have a few, all steel, pieces to throw and try.

I look forward to flinging sticks and metal with you!

Marcus Bowyer

Bowyer1 at hotmail dot com