Many, many thanks to our generous 2022 sponsors!

Purpleheart is one of our oldest sponsors, providing a wide variety of HEMA gear, weapons, books, apparel, and everything else you could ever want. We would like to thank them for their continued support for nearly a decade! https://www.woodenswords.com/

New this year, Sigi is a renowned swordsmith. If it can cut and thrust, they probably make it – and not just western, but eastern too. They have longswords, messers, sabres, katanas and more. https://sigiforge.com/

We’ve got a lot of good vendors of kit, but you’ve got to carry it somehow? New this year, Prometheus makes a variety of packs to carry all your stuff. Take a look, your bag probably has a hole you’ve been meaning to fix in it. You need a new one. https://prometheuspacks.com/

Our last long term sponsor this year, PBT provides a variety of protective equipment. With years of experience making gear, you can guarantee you can find something that meets your needs. We would, once again, like to thank them for nearly a decade of support. https://pbthistoricalfencing.com/

Another one of our oldest sponsors, Castille makes top notch custom swords to exacting standards. With rapiers, daggers, longswords, sabres, broadswords and everything in between! They’re another one of our long-term sponsors, supporting us for nearly a decade. https://castillearmory.com/

There are lot of HEMA events, but not so many that are dedicated to women and non-binary folks. Fecht Yeah aims to fix that. Even better – it’s camping, like IGX! But in June, so probably a bit warmer. https://www.facebook.com/fechtyeah/

There’s a lot of, well, junk in the world of viking kit, but not here. With a deep background of research, Markland Merchants aims to bring period-accurate seaxes at a price that doesn’t require half the Danegeld ever paid. https://www.instagram.com/markland_merchants_official/