Tournaments/Sparring Games

Building upon last year, we are offering a series of sparring games that are meant for fun, exploration, and maybe a prize or two! There will also be plenty of room for free play. We will also continue to offer our beginner longsword tournament, but with a different format than from prior years.

All games and tournament rules are posted below. Information therein is likely to change so check back frequently for updates.

We look forward to seeing you!

Event Rules

Applause Tournament

A casual tournament in which you win by impressing the audience! Read the rules/format:

Teams Event

A casual tournament where you pit your 3-person team against someone else’s! Read the rules/format:

Beginner’s Longsword Tournament

Please read carefully, the IGX Beginner’s Tournament is using the Boar’s Tooth event rules.

Melee Rules

Fight as a team through a series of scenarios. We have a bridge, a hill, and a river…

Short King of the Hill (SKOTH) Event

If you’re short in stature this is the event for you!

Real Deadly Longsword Tournament

Back by popular demand, the one-hit, simulate-a-live-fight(TM) tournament!